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Six Sigma Australia

Six Sigma Australia, the first Six Sigma provider in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, dates back to 1995*. Since that time, its operations have extended world-wide and it continues to maintain its position at the cutting edge of Six Sigma technology and service.

Six Sigma is about Problem Solving. Problem Solving is a technique applied to business processes, products and services in order to improve quality and reduce waste. The deliverable for Six Sigma is increased revenue via loss reduction and market expansion.

In a nutshell:

Six Sigma = Competitive Advantage

Six Sigma Australia is so confident of its delivery and the subsequent power of its programs that it is willing to deploy your Six Sigma initiative for a minimal fee (to cover expenses) and accept a percentage of the savings in lieu of normal fees. No catches, no fine-print, no complex conditions.

The core business of Six Sigma Australia is ‘Knowledge Transfer’. We turn you into Six Sigma experts, not Six Sigma dependents. We partner with you to install a tailored and self sustaining program, which will become an integral part of your business strategy.

We are ‘deep-trench’ practitioners of Six Sigma, not just trainers. Our deployment model is application based. Along with providing a comprehensive knowledge base of Six Sigma theory and methodology, we guide you through the application of those skills and techniques to real issues (projects) in your operations.

We ‘train by doing’. We partner with you to up-skill your organization, whilst fixing some immediate problems and returning substantial savings to your bottom line.

At our point of exit we will have enabled you to independently replicate this heightened performance year after year.

*At that time SSA was trading as Six Sigma Asia Pacific

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